Breastmilk Jewerly

Our Breastmilk Jewerly Line was born after my own journey of breastfeeding my baby girl, Gianna. My goal with every nursing mom is to help her remember that beautiful and sacrificing stage forever. Each piece is made with your own breastmilk and is 100% personalized.



How to order?

After looking through our catalog, contact us on Instagram (@g_claydesings) to begin the process or send us a message in the box below.


How to send your breastmilk?

Sending your breastmilk is an easy process. Simply colocate your breastmilk in their storing bags and then, put it inside a ziplock. This garantees that the milk would not spill in the mailing process. We recomend that the milk is defrosted before sending it.


How much milk is neccesary?

We can work with 2ml -1oz of breastmilk.



In our catalog, you will find the variety of pieces we make and their prices. If you need more information or you are interested in making an order please contact us through Instagram (@g_claydesings) or in the box below.